Hartford Books Examiner Interviews Danny the Dragon Author Tina Turbin

As if Tina Turbin, the multi-award-winning children’s author, wasn’t already overwhelmed with praise for the first book in her Danny the Dragon children’s series, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, she decided to release it as the first-ever children’s book app for the iPad and iPhone to have sign language interpretation. The author and her publicity team are now working hard to manage the soaring sales and intense interest the iPad app release has stirred up. Despite her busy schedule, Turbin was able to set aside some time to meet with the Hartford Books Examiner for a Q&A interview to talk about the latest Danny the Dragon news.

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, the story of how Danny forms a special friendship with Jimmy and his family, is the recipient of a number of awards including the Purple Dragon Book Awards, Mom’s Choice Awards®, Indie Excellence® Awards, International Book Awards, and the list goes on. The book is celebrated for its pro-family values and lessons of mutual kindness.

Turbin had already stood out for her humanitarian work in various fields, including children’s literacy and education, women’s issues, health, and the gluten-free diet. Then she decided to do something that would set her entirely apart from other children’s authors—she created a Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy app for the iPhone and iPad. This wasn’t an ordinary children’s book app; it contained sign language interpretation for deaf children.

In her interview with the Hartford Books Examiner, Tina said she “wanted to reach out to children and families on an even broader scale, and having Danny the Dragon as the first-ever available iPad download with sign interpretation for the deaf and hearing impaired was a milestone.” Indeed, it was the first-ever app of its kind for the hearing-impaired community and was showcased by Apple on its featured apps page. Not surprisingly, the author has received much positive feedback for her innovative product.

In the interview, Turbin offered advice to other authors who are interested in making their own children’s title into an app. First she says, “Make sure that the company you connect up with is going to do your book justice. A lot of work goes into a book by any author and to have it put up as an app by some company who doesn’t know what they’re doing can only be a disservice.”

Turbin’s iPad app was produced by iStoryTime, the app developer for DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon. The author has nothing but praise to share in regard to her experiences working with iStorytime.

At the close of her interview, the author shares some advice for parents from her heart: “…allow for your child’s quality of imagination to remain as long as possible, because that’s where their dreams are made and they can form their future through their dreams.”

When asked if she has plans for future children’s books, and whether they’ll be made available as apps, the author exclaimed, “Absolutely!” In fact, the author is actively working on future books in her West Coast studio, balancing her writing schedule with research and book tours to bookstores, libraries, and other venues. Until Danny’s next adventure comes out, readers can purchase the iPad app through iTunes or through DannytheDragon.com, where Danny fans can keep up with their favorite dragon and sign up for the Danny newsletter.

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