Dreamworks Affiliated Company Transforms Award Winning Children’s Tale, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, into an iPhone App

Award winning children’s tale “Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy” transformed into iPhone app.

Los Angeles, CA –

Entering into a collaboration with the Danny the Dragon team, the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy iPhone app was officially released by iStorytime in late 2010 to fans who were eagerly anticipating the ability to read their favorite children’s book through the latest technology.

Featured in LA Times, CBS Early Show, theiPhoneMom.com, Ventura County Star and winner of the PTPA Media (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal of Approval just to name a few. Some of the many rave reviews include:

TheMomBuzz.com: “my 4 and 2 year old love the story and request it daily.”

CrazyMikesApps: “Excellent kid’s book that deserves a place on anyone’s iPhone… This app is reasonably priced and provides a great story with age appropriate graphics to go with.”

Excerpted from the Apple iTunes store: “This story is adorable and the illustrations are so vivid. We feel like we made new friends in Danny and skipper. Cute story. Highly recommended for children of all ages.”

The app can be purchased for 99 cents at the Apple iTunes store by clicking here.

To book author Tina Turbin for an interview or speaking engagement contact: media(at)dannythedragon(dot)com.

To learn more about Danny the Dragon visit: DannyTheDragon.com.

To purchase Danny the Dragon products (book, audiobook and DVD with sign language interpretation) contact Imagination Publishing Group at: imaginationpublishinggroup(at)gmail(dot)com or call 888-701-6481. Also available through: Amazon.com, Victory Multimedia, Barnes and Noble, Blockbuster Video, Baker and Taylor and other major distributors.

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD: 837654741191, $24.95
Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy paperback: 978-0-9800-721-0-5, $8.95
Danny the Dragon Dreams CD/Audiobook: 978-0-9800-721-3-6, $8.95

DVD and CD profits are generously donated by the author to support causes to improve literacy and education.

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6 Responses to Dreamworks Affiliated Company Transforms Award Winning Children’s Tale, Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, into an iPhone App

  1. Nicole says:

    This sounds like a great app! I have read a few articles and reviews about it and I’d like to get it this Christmas because I’m going to get the iPad 2 and hopefully an iPhone too. I wish you would make it available on Android too because I know that a lot of people have them and I’m sure they’d love to see Danny on their devices too!

  2. Nancy Young says:

    This is really awesome to hear. I’m going to order this now! Also, when is Danny the Dragon going to be turned into a cartoon? 😀

  3. Pat Flanker says:

    It’s a whole new world now huh with the popularity of apps increasing. I remember just a few years ago someone was telling me that it was going to be very popular and I was like, “What’s the use of having an app on your phone when you could have it on your computer or laptop?” But now after having kids I know how extremely useful it is, like when you’re driving or in line at the grocery store, to hand them your iPhone with a cool app like Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy to keep them entertained!!!

  4. Wilhemina says:

    I am wondering if you’ll be translating your app to into Greek and Spanish as well because that would be really cool! Of course, the sign language would stay the same but maybe the English reading could be dubbed over or have subtitles. I bet that would be a very popular app!

  5. Norma Barry says:

    This is great news! I read one of your Facebook posts on reducing app time in favor of lap time and I wholeheartedly agree! I love that even though you have launched a successful app, you are still at heart a 3D picture book author. Let’s hope these picture books don’t became extinct! I just love the touch, the weight, and the experience of picture books. Books have been around for a very, very long time. So scary to imagine a future without them–yikes!

  6. Phyllis says:

    I know what we’re getting for Christmas! Oh, heck…I’ll just get it now!

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