Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” app featured in newest iPad 3 commercial!

Many of you may have noticed a clip of my Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy” app in the newest iPad commercials for the iPad 3.  I am extremely honored by Apple’s recognition and support and could not be happier to see my app and book succeeding so well.

With all the new attention my app has been getting, many authors aspiring to have their books released as apps have been coming to me requesting tips on how to get their books out there. Since I am always happy to help my fellows, I thought I might share some insights for future authors and app developers.

First off, any avenue you release your book on – Kindle, iPad, iPhone, CD, DVD, softcover, hardcover, etc needs it’s own formatting.  While I may not have much experience doing this myself as I have a highly qualified team working with me, there are many tutorials online and there’s always someone out there willing to help out (try Craigslist for example).

My apps on both the iPhone and iPad are accompanied by voice over.  I personally interviewed all my voice actresses to make sure I had the right voice and someone who could take direction well.  My experience in the Entertainment business helped me really hone in on the right person for the job.  Once I found the right girl, we went to a sound studio.  Each page took many takes until she got it just right and then the miracle sound workers worked their magic and we had an amazing track.

While my app does have read-along capabilities, it is also the first app for Apple’s iPad to ever have sign language accompaniment for the deaf or hearing impaired and I have received a massive amount of recognition for it.

It takes a lot of time and energy to get things moving. I find if you take it step by step and just have fun with it, soon enough, your book will be out there in the World and changing lives.

Best of luck to all.

Tina Turbin

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