A 4-year Old Boy Comments on Danny the Dragon!

Here’s a fun message from a mom that had attended a book reading of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy with her 2 young boys:

“Morning Tina,
I was driving the boys to school this morning and Bodhi (my 4 yr-old) said, “mommy, did you know that dinosaurs don’t have boots?” Then about a minute later he said, “not like Danny the Dragon; he does have boots. Dragons does have boots”. Love it!”

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Author Tina Turbin on Being a Mom

I am leaving Los Angeles and heading up North to Alaska and Vancouver area. What a great time in LA writing and spending time with these two men and their girlfriends They are so darn talented and with the Arts as part of their ever waking moment, it is only contagious. We truly love being around one another. They love all I am doing as an author and I was happy to share Danny the Dragon with many others while in Los Angeles. I love being a mom!

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