Helpful Tips to Encourage Learning in Your Children

     First of all, read to your children! Studies show that reading to your child can begin before the age of six months, as soon as they’re able to enjoy the images and pictures inside of their books. Children have varying attention spans and you should keep in mind not to push too far past these limits and not to force them to read, as children tend to dislike things they are forced to do when it’s not on their own determinism. You can read to your child or have them read you, or take turns.

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Reading to animals improves reading skills

My two puppies Bailey and Teddy graduated from their Canine Obedience class with flying colors! This is the first step to getting them to the status of “Canine Citizens,” which means they’re allowed to accompany me to schools, libraries and hospitals for book readings to children. I have an overall purpose with this: it gives me a chance to show kids how reading to their animals is a great way of improving reading abilities. It has been proven that reading aloud improves reading skills and speed.

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