Healthy Eating for the Kids—Easy Tips

     It all starts with some planning. It’s best to create a menu for the week with healthy recipes that take thirty minutes or less to prepare, unless you know you’ll have more time available for cooking. There are many easy, healthy recipes available online which you can prepare in a snap.      Homemade cooking is the best way to ensure the family will be eating right. Even healthier TV dinners can be packed with sodium. When you prepare your own food, you are in control of it. You can add powerful nutrients by throwing in some wheat germ oil, …

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Danny the Dragon Cookbook and Gluten-Free website

I have so many fun projects in the works. I’m putting together more ideas and recipe developments for the upcoming Danny the Dragon cookbook and the Gluten-Free Help website. This is very much up my alley because I love to cook! I am continuing to develop and compile.

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