Danny the Dragon Goes to Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, wow! I have to admit this is a place everyone NEEDS to visit. It is huge and I could have stayed much longer but we need to get back home and on the way to the Dakotas. Mt. Rushmore here we come. Danny the Dragon is by my side and in my thoughts and lots is being written on the computer and in my notes, While I am traveling I am in touch with many people about more adventures of Danny. The compilation Danny the Dragon CD is underway and now we are working on hiring that lucky lady for the VOICE OVER. Many say I should do it since I read so often to all these kids and am animated. Well, I do not know about this idea. Whatcha think?

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Lots of marketing and PR for Danny

Success! Danny did well again…awesome responses! Now it is time to get my assistant to help me contact and thank all these people. We are getting things in place to start the Newsletter to keep people properly updated on Danny the Dragon’s adventures through PR and Marketing-ville.

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