About the Books- Audio-book and DVD!

Danny the Dragon “Meets Jimmy”

Danny’s mannerisms are absolutely charming as he strolls through the pages meeting Jimmy’s family and friends in the MOST unusual way, imparting his delightful acts of wisdom and kindness while Skipper continues to take notes in his traveling journal for future adventures. Why are they here? Where are they going? Danny and his little traveling companion, Skipper, are quite the adventuresome and fun duo.

This book is the first to be released in the Danny the Dragon series along with the Danny the Dragon cookbook!

The Danny the Dragon is sure to be a staple in the home!

All orders through this site will include FREE Danny stickers, bookmarks, door hangers, pencils and stickers!

Tina Turbin is currently working on the treatments for future books as well as the sought-after children’s cook-book!

Tina released her Danny the Dragon DREAMS audio-book the end of November 2009 to an extremely large concert in Pasadena California. She generously donates the profits to support research and help raise awareness of celiac disease, Columbia University- Celiac Disease Center, Dr. Peter Green.


The Danny the Dragon DVD will be released by the publisher mid April 2010 with full sign interpretation!