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TinaTurbin.com is up!

I’m excited to say that the Tina Turbin website has officially launched! I have now started photography classes and am really learning how to take shots of food for the cookbook so I can at least oversee the shots from some point of knowledge. That’s my style! I always want to learn. We all should.

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The websites are going to be incredible

In my blog posting from 1/22/09 I mentioned the development of other projects. These are in full-blown action right now and very exciting indeed – focusing and really expanding on my interest in children’s health and wellness. I enlisted the help of Rafferty Pendery and his incredible design team at Studio 98 to build my Tina Turbin website, which is nearly completed. And thus far, I’ve been so impressed with their work that they’ll also be working with me on my other website: Gluten Free Help.

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Homeschooling May Be Worth a Try

     It used to be that homeschooling had a certain stigma to it. When people heard the word, they pictured a child isolated at home from children his age and indoctrinated into his parents’ extremist views. However, homeschooling has steadily grown in popularity over the years, and it’s widely acknowledged now that homeschooling provides many benefits.

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