Danny The Dragon DREAMS – CD with Classical Music!

I am VERY pleased to share that the full Mastering of Danny The Dragon DREAMS CD has been fully Mastered and the CD cover is in design work as I type away here. Thank you Tom Morris at Morrissound Recording in Tampa, Florida! This is an amazing CD with my book being read by an extremely talented vocal-artist followed by a well chosen compilation of 10 original classical songs, composed by up and coming composers. This CD is for ANYONE and everyone, all ages. All the profits to this CD are going to a Cause that is very dear to my heart and I will be announcing the CAUSE, broadly and soon. All the legal mumbo-jumbo is just about totally complete. All the composers on this CD will be announced and broadly promoted, so I ask you to support the Cause and the Artists once we release the details. Each composer currently has beautiful credits for movie and television. More support to them will only help their career and this Cause. When I am given the OK to lift the curtain, I will be sharing it all! Exciting! Tina

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An amazing process of creation

10 emails later or there about, I think we have everything pretty much sorted out. It has been an amazing process so far.

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Still looking for an AMAZING illustrator

Arghhhhh… several illustrators later and I just can’t nail anyone down…the illustration ideas that are being presented just don’t hit the nail at the right point… I’m still checking out books and websites and contacting and meeting loads of people. Quite fun though to be honest!

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Looking for an AMAZING illustrator

OK now I’m onto a very daunting task – who the heck is going to take the images I’ve envisioned and really pull off these characters? I’m already checking into this — there’s so many illustrators out there though…who will be the best? Time for dinner…

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