DTD Blog Rave Review of my Danny the Dragon DVD

It was an honor to have Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, the first book in my illustrated kids book series, featured and reviewed by FreeSamplesReviews.com by homemaker, mother and photographer Tiffany. She was particularly fond of the Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy DVD and gives a detailed account of how she enjoyed it.

Read Tiffany’s glowing review here:


Tina Turbin


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6 Responses to DTD Blog Rave Review of my Danny the Dragon DVD

  1. Danica Miller says:

    Wow a great review! And definitely more important to get a good review from a mom who reads these books to her kids instead of some of these weird critics out there who really have no business reviewing children’s literature except they “studied” it in college or whatever.

  2. Denise Chappell says:

    Yay congratulations! @Danica I totally agree with you that moms and kids know best when it comes to children’s literature, but there are some wonderful critics out there who I think have also given Tina Turbin a good review too like that Library Journal which has librarians who work with children do the reviews.

  3. Diane L. says:

    We just wanted to check in on Danny the Dragon and say hello! We will be sending you some pictures we’ve made of Danny and Skipper. We can’t wait to read the next adventure Danny and Skipper will have. You are the best children’s author, Ms. Turbin. -The Leery Family

  4. Hilary Jackman says:

    We heard on Facebook that your in Europe now doing a book tour over there since finishing up your West Coast book tour. We really enjoyed your visit to southern California and were happy that we were able to see you at the Burbank Book Festival. We wish you happy travels and hope to see some more Danny the Dragon when you’re back!

  5. Natalie says:

    So cool! Hope you and Danny are having a blast in EUROPE of all places and we hope you’ll continue to visit the Southern California area after you return!

  6. Whitney H. says:

    Good to know. I was wondering about the DVD recently when I saw it on your website.

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