Fantastic article in newspaper about Danny the Dragon DVD

See great article in the Dunedin Beacon about Danny the Dragon and Author Tina Turbin!

We are so honored to be showcased in this paper!


Tina Turbin


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7 Responses to Fantastic article in newspaper about Danny the Dragon DVD

  1. Sidney says:

    Wow 4th grade reading level? I had absolutely no idea that their reading level was so new. Now I really understand why you’ve become so passionate about this issue. Otherwise, what are these kids going to do to support themselves? Crazy!

  2. Maggie Chatsworth says:

    Congratulations on your great press. I’m glad to see how much people love reading about do-gooding and humanitarian efforts. Very inspiring to read about!

  3. Felicity Guevara says:

    Hi Tina I heard about all the good news with your recent awards. I think you must have almost a dozen now just for Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, right? So amazing! We are encouraging all the libraries in your area to read your book to the kids at Summer Storytime and when they hear about all your awards they get really excited to read your book and they always love the book after they read it. Go Danny!

  4. Diane Leery says:

    Hi Tina it’s been nice to see your name every now and then. I heard about your recent Purple Dragonfly Best Illustrations Award and I just wanted to say congratulations. You really did a great job choosing an illustrator and I loved hearing about your special relationship with her. Can’t wait to see more Danny!

  5. D says:

    Our kids are drawing Danny the Dragon like crazy every day! I’m excited for you to get some new Danny coloring pages up. They will love that!

  6. Shelly Barnes says:

    I had no idea what the actual statistic was! That’s unbelievable! However, I wonder if anyone knows about how high the reading level is among hearing high school grads. I have a feeling that it’s higher but not by that much. I mean, if you really get the average high school grad to read to you I don’t think their level would be higher than eighth grade, if that even. I think overall we have a huge issue here about literacy levels in the U.S. in general. I mean, our kids and young adults can’t read! They also can barely write too.

  7. Flora Maggis says:

    I thought I already commented on this but I guess I forgot. Just wanted to say congratulations to you and how glad I am that the profits of your CD, DVD, and app all go to good causes. You don’t hear that much about charities from other children’s authors, but in every article I read about you they always talk about the good you do for others. That is so inspiring!

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