Danny the Dragon Gets a Five-Star Review from the Lone-Star State!

It’s been such a pleasure being able to tour around the country, and even the world, on my Danny the Dragon Book Tours. As a result of our travels, you never know in what neck of the woods Danny and I are going to be mentioned in next! What a pleasure it was discover our names in the Baytown Sun of Houston,Texas!

Juvenile book critic JoAnn Martin gave Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy a rave review! It was a delight to read, as she summarized in fun detail the story without giving it a way. My favorite parts of the review:

“Young readers will be impressed with the books message of politeness and helpfulness and such acceptance of strangely different appearances and personalities.” (I love it when readers walk away with this message!) and “Hopefully, there will be a sequel.” (Of course! There are many more adventures in story for Danny the Dragon and his traveling companion, Skipper!)

Tina Turbin

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