Danny the Dragon Featured on World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site

Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy, the first book in my illustrated kids book series, has placed first in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for Best Illustrations. What an honor! You can find out the story behind illustrating the book by checking out this link to fReado.com, the “World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site,” which has featured Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy. fReado allows you to sample the book and shares a little bit about my creative process as I was putting the book together. You’ll also read the remarkable story of how I found and worked with my outstanding illustrator, Aija Jasuna.




Tina Turbin


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9 Responses to Danny the Dragon Featured on World’s Biggest Free Book-Winning Site

  1. Hilary Jackman says:

    I didn’t even know there were free book winning websites out there! I’ll be checking out this site in the future to see what I can get!

  2. Felicity Guevara says:

    @Hilary Jackman LOL that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this! Well, Ms. Turbin, just wanted to say congratulations to you on all your stellar reviews and awards and your successful tours this year. My daughter wants to be a children’s author too and says you’re one of her heros!

  3. Felicity Guevara says:

    This was a great review to read. Just want to let you know we wholeheartedly agree with them! We are so excited for the Spanish Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy translation to come out so we can give them to our family who only speak Spanish.

  4. Whitney H. says:

    Sweet! I’d like to win some free books too LOL

  5. Jodi says:

    I am very excited to listen to your CD and read the paperback when it arrives. I just ordered your book after I saw it online and I remembered seeing it in the library one time and our daughter really liked it. Who would have thought that the author of Danny the Dragon Meets Jimmy would be such an inspiration? This is all great to hear and makes me excited to read all of your series!

  6. Nancy Strauss says:

    Well, this is very good news indeed. And as a side note for some of the readers above, you can get free books by signing up at swap.com for free book swapping. You can also find a lot of free eBooks online at gutenberg.com. Or the library LOL!

  7. Samantha Sherring says:

    Ha ha I want free books too! I like to support my favorite authors and musicians by paying for their work though when I really like it. Anyhow, great to hear Danny is everywhere these days!

  8. Barbra says:

    Yay! Go Danny!

    This is a fun site too to read!

  9. Whitney Hughes says:

    What a compliment this must be to have real moms love your book and tell you their kids do too! That’s why I love personal blogs so much better than mainstream print publications because you’re hearing from real people who don’t just like something because it’s popular but because they really connect with it.

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