Misdiagnosing Has to Stop

Aside from my role as a children’s author, many of you are also aware that I am an avid supporter of Celiac Disease Research and that I am very involved in a major project to gain government support for the only auto-immune disease which the government does not support. Why? Because the drug companies and pharmacies do not make money off of this disease because the simple solution is to abstain from the gluten in their diet. 

Please sign up for my Newsletter (click on link and scroll down the right side of the page) to stay on top of this.  The “project” details will be fully released by the end of October.

Click here to watch a  7-minute video interview with Dr Peter Green, the doctor I am 100% behind and will be on some radio interviews with across the world over the next many months! He is a delight and is the  TOP doctor truly helping strongly to encourage celiac awareness in the USA. Listen to him and his simplicity. I think you will agree he is wonderful man with a heart of gold to help. He too agrees many kids in the USA should NOT be on drugs and are terribly misdiagnosed! He is the Head of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University. 

Let’s raise awareness about the overwhelming amount of misdiagnosed and long undiagnosed children  and adults. Let’s get the word out about the effects celiac disease has on 1 out of every 100 person in the USA! Connect up with me and I will share with you what is happening to help this area. 

Again, watch this video and get yourself informed in just 7 minutes by an amazing man I respect with all my heart. Dr. Green has devoted his life to opening the eyes of Americans and intends to continue to raise awareness. He is CORRECTLY diagnosing an average of 2,400 people per year as he continues to research this disease and facts of gluten. 

Please ask any of your friends or associates who may be interested in this field to connect up with me at my Gluten Free Help website. I have had 7 radio interviews on this subject alone in the past 2 months and scheduling an average of 2 per week at this point in time, and this is increasing.

Side Note: Pamela’s Products sponsors my monthly Gluten-Free cupcake party videos. This month we have one scheduled in Tampa Bay, Florida. If you are interested, just let us know. Space is limited.  This month’s theme will be Thanksgiving for the kids and families! FUN! All gluten-free of course. This too is to raise awareness for this disease and all videos promoted broadly.  

Thank you,

Tina Turbin

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