Effective Tips for Positiving Parenting & Creating Happy Homes

Pregnancy.org – Live: Before, During & After

Thursday, November 12th, 2:00 p.m. EST

Have you had one of those days (weeks, months) where the kids are driving you batty? Do you reflect on your day feeling as if you’ve done nothing but lecture, yell, or simply given up, pulling your hair out in the process? Whether it’s redirecting behaviors, special challenges, parenting pep talks, parent coaching or even how the adults treat each other, each action lends itself to the overall peace of the home.

Tune in to Pregnancy.org – Live: Before, During & After on Thursday, November 12th at 2:00 PM Eastern, where host Mollee Bauer and author Tina Turbin will discuss ways to gain confidence and find more positive paths through those all-too-common parenting challenges. The end result? A far more happier home and finally a way to meet those goals for your family.

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